PT. GAMATARA TRANS OCEAN SHIPYARD is engaged in manufacture and repair tugboats and barges. Our company started construction in March of 2008 and started activities in December 2009 for trials and in April 2010 PT. Gamatara Trans Ocean Shipyard has started to operate.

We already have experienced field technicians and supported by adequate equipment and workshop. Our shipyard has 2 (two) Pool Dock (Graving dock) for repair and barge manufacture up to size 350 Feet and 1 (one) place of special Slip Way dock for barge making up to 350 size Feet.

At the end of 2010 our shipyard build 1 (one) floating dock unit (called FD. GRAGE 1) for tugboat repair and early 2011 floating dock we have start to operated. At 2012, we also built 1 (one) floating dock unit (called FD. GRAGE 2), and at 2017 we adding 3 unit graving dock (depth 3.5m and length up to 400 feet). The purpose of dock construction is to meet the needs of docking all kind of ships which is increasing.